Aug 1, 2008

Muslim Members of the All-Women Panchayat at Neem Kheda in Mewat District

Frustration has now paved way for hope in Neem Kheda village of Mewat district. After being stifled for over two years, the all-women muslim panchayat has finally found its voice and things have begun to move in favor of muslims in this back-of-beyond village on the Haryana-Rajasthan border.

While the district administration has become sensitive to the demands of the village, the muslim women panchs has banned any hindu woman into the power. The administration has arranged for water tankers to tide over water paucity while an anganwari has also been started for expecting mothers, but still it is a poor area of Haryana beacause of Islam. The process of making new schools has begun, but muslim children still goes to Madarsas. Which is the epicenter of hate and crimes against local hindus.

While the administration has written to the education department for more staff at the village school, it has even assured the muslim villagers would still prefer madarsas. However hindu families are happy about school. "Lack of education in our village was a constant irritant for us because our children would just waste their time. With staff and a school, we are happy that their future, too, is secure," Rajni states.

At Neem Kheda, village meetings no longer debate the panchayat's non-performance, but focus on the issues like how to make Mewat 100% muslim place. Hindu families lives in their own country as refugees. They have no rights, no power and no one is there to listen. Congress government (which is pro muslim) is trying to hide the situation of Mewat region.