Sep 24, 2008

The Future of Haryana is Beginning to Look More and More Like Pakistan

Did you know?

  • A separate Muslim majority district (Mewat) was carved out quietly by the Haryana Government in 2005
  • Mewat is the birthplace of the fearsome organization "Tabligh-e-Jamaat", whose goal is to Islamize all of Haryana (and India)
  • Muslim families in Haryana have atleast 9 children. It is quite common for Muslim households to have 12-15 children. One Muslim couple have 23 kids, are open to having the 24th kid.
  • Hindus are being converted to Islam in Haryana's villages
  • Madrasahs, Arabic and Urdu remain the basis of education in Mewat.

If I am not mistaken, I remember reading in "India Today" magazine about Mewat region of Haryana during the December 1992 riots, when Muslim mobs (led by the local Congress MLA Tayyab Hussain) attacked Hindus in Nuh town, with Hindu Mandirs being burnt down and Gaushala cows being slaughtered on the roads.