Sep 22, 2008


Mewat is a newly created district from Gurgaon. 4th April 2005 marked the newly created Mewat District in Haryana. Bounded by Gurgaon on North, Rewari on West and Faridabad on East. Mewat is basically land of the Meo Muslims, who are basically agriculturalists.

Mewat's population has a large share of Muslims. The Muslim residents are known as "Mev" or "Meo" but the Hindus in Mewat are not called "Meo". Thus the word "Meo" is both region-specific and religion-specific. The Muslims living in adjacent Alwar and Bharatpur districts of Rajasthan are also known as "Meo". They are Hindu farmers converted from Hinduism to Islam in 15th century. Some of them were reconverted to Hinduism by Arya Samaj just after independence.