Dec 20, 2010

Camera Catches Muslim Throwing Garbage at Hindu Neighbor

Fiza caught throwing garbage at neighbour's on camera

Mohali: Remember Fiza alias Anuradha Bali? In case you don’t, she is the woman who made it to the news before for being the second (now estranged) wife of former Haryana Deputy Chief Minister, Chander Mohan after converting to Islam.
Well, she happens to be back on air for the wrong reasons yet again. Fiza Mohammed alias Anuradha Bali was arrested on Sunday for allegedly throwing eggs and garbage in her neighbour’s house in Mohali.

She was later released on bail by Mohali SDM on a bail bond of Rs. 10,000. Police had registered a case after her neighbour Ram Krishan filed a complaint. He alleged that Fiza had earlier too thrown garbage in his backyard but started to throw eggs on Saturday.

Fiza denied the allegations and claimed that it was the other way round and that he had mala fide intentions towards her. She added that the CCTV cameras at her house would prove who is guilty. But things got worse for her on Monday.

A Hindi news channel today aired the CCTV footages which clearly showed Fiza throwing garbage in her neighbour’s compound proving his allegations true. Her claims of innocence and of being a victim of the neighbour’s so called mala fide intentions also now seem to have been a farce.