Jan 3, 2011

Gang of Mewati Muslims Arrested for Gangrape of BPO Employee

BPO gangrape: How police found suspects

NDTV Correspondent, December 02, 2010

New Delhi: A breakthrough, as the Delhi Police arrest robbers Shamshad and Usman for raping a 30-year-old call-centre employee last Wednesday.

A rape, that has provoked a huge outrage in the capital.

Police say, they were a gang of five who dragged the victim into a tempo as she was walking back home with a colleague after the office car dropped them about 500 metres from home.

One of the five suspects, Usman, had been charged with another gangrape in Faridabad, 3 years ago. He was also charged with assualting a police team in Sarai Rohilla in Delhi last year. Others have had criminal records and have been charged with anumber of crimes ranging from petty theft to cow slaughter.

''The victim's car was followed by the five men. And seeing that the girls got off at Ring Road, they pulled the victim into the tempo. The men were drunk and committed the crime on the spur of the moment," said BK Gupta, the Delhi Police Commissioner.

The victim had given a detailed description of the vehicle.

Using that, the police had scanned 6,000 tempos in the capital and around it.

The Delhi Police, after eight days of extensive search got a breakthrough in the case through a tip off from Mewat.

It was a call about a tempo matching the description. The police raided the various dens in Haryana's Mewat region and arrested the men.

They have now led the police to the third accused, Shahid, who had surrendered himself in Faridabad Court on a previous charge of cow slaughter to escape the larger punishment.

Two others, Kamru and Iqbal, are still at large.

Kamru was also accused in another case of gang rape in Faridabad, alongwith Usman, who is now in police custody.