May 5, 2009

Unsuspecting residents preyed upon by Bangladeshi Muslim gangs

Gurgaon, Haryana

Recent spurt in the number of thefts and murders in Sector 4 have left the residents
in a tizzy. What is more disturbing is the fact that in most cases, the robbers seemed to have entered easily and made away with a successful decamping of valuables.

There is no proper fence around the sector and with the unauthorised colonies (where these illegal Bangladeshi Muslims resides) located at the boundaries, crime seems to have accelerated. "Even the fences at the dividing road of Sector 4 and 7 have been removed by the HUDA authorities. HUDA also removed the fence in between Lakshman Vihar and Sector 4. Now it is very easy for these Muslims to trespass into our colony at any time," describes Dharam Sagar, chairman, Federation of RWA. He further alleges that there aren’t sufficient police personnel to patrol the area even though a police outpost is located nearby. "Several times we have passed a memorandum to commissioner of police to take a stock of the situation here. But, when we approach the police station they say that they do not have adequate staff," alleges Dharma Sagar. The residents want to increase patrolling in their area. "As many as eight houses have been ransacked in January alone this year," informs KL Chawla, vice president RWA Sector 4.

The area residents allege, demolition of the fence near Dhanwapur by the Horticulture Department has made it easy for these Bangladeshi criminals to trespass the colony. When asked why the fencing has been removed, Horticulture Department HUDA, executive engineer Jasbir Singh Millu said, "We had put fences to protect the trees. Now that the trees have grown, there is no need for the fencing. If HUDA funds us for the same, we have no objections in putting them up."Perhaps now it is up to HUDA officials and police to take care of the situation. When GP approached the area SHO of Sector 5, she refused to comment. However ACP Crime, Sunhera Singh, promised, "I would definitely look into the matter and instruct the police officials to increase the vigilance." Until that happens, the residents better be on guard.

In most of the cases, these Bangladeshi Muslims are being employed as man-servants or maidservants as cheap labour - as they look and talk like Bengali Hindus (they wear fake bindis and pretend to be Indian Hindus), and the truth be told, it is very hard for local residents to find out if they are Indians or illegal Bangladeshi invaders. Their modus operandi is shocking. First, they work in the same house and keep an eye on where the money and all the expensive stuff is. After a few days, they sneak into the same house at night. They kill all the residents mercilessly (including children, elders) and then they take away all the expensive stuff, jewelry, money etc.

With a host of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants living opposite Block D of South City II, residents are losing their peace of mind. There are more than 3,000 occupied houses here in the colony and attempts to verify each person is proving to be a huge responsibility.

RWA is making collective efforts along with the residents to verify names and address of their servants. But, in many cases, servants just say that they are from Midnapore District, West Bengal. “People simply remain satisfied getting that much information. However, in the wake of any serious crime, how much could be found out on the basis of knowing that a particular person is from Midnapur. Residents should ideally be taking all the details of the address. But, ironically most of the residents are not following those norms and inviting risk,” shares VK Srivastava, president, Sohna Road Federation of RWA, adding, "We have been approaching district administration to remove these jhuggis from here, but they are not complying with our request.”

Residents also complain that there is a mafia gang operating in that area. "There are people from the interior areas of Bengal. Even if they come in through the Indo-Bangladesh border, there is nobody to check them. Nobody can even find out the real identity of migrants whether they are from Bengal or Bangladesh as they are also Bengali speaking people," says Sudhakar, a resident.

Residents further complain that these guards are mostly recruited from amongst the migrants. There is no security check up at the gates and also that the number of guards provided to them is very less. "We applied to the Unitech to give us 150 security guards to look after South City II but, we were given only 60 personnel," says SN Bharadwaj, a resident. Speaking to GP, SHO Sadar Thana, Ramesh Chandra says, "Police is regularly keeping a tab on the migrant population and we are also doing servant verification in a routine manner."