May 4, 2009

Rahul Gandhi Appeases Mewat Muslims

Hindustan Times

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Friday played the vote bank card in Mewat and promised education, healthcare and jobs to all the Muslims residents(including fresh hindus converted to Isam) of this underdeveloped backyard of Millennium City, Gurgaon.

Rahul gandhi was addressing a rally to garner support for Congress candidate Rao Inderjit Singh, who is up against Meo leader and BSP candidate Zakir Hussein in Gurgaon parliamentary constituency.

Post-delimitation, in Gurgaon, Meo Muslims have emerged the largest Vote Bank (23 per cent), followed by Yadavs (20 per cent).

Gandhi said his party was pro-farmers (pro-Muslims) and ridiculed the Bharatiya Janata Party's India Shining slogan of the 2004 general elections, saying only a few homes in select cities like Delhi were “shining” at that time.

“The NDA tossed the India Shining slogan in English. Its leaders never went to the houses of farmers. On the contrary, we worked for the welfare of farmers and waived off loans of Rs 70,000 crore. The Congress knows that the real India lives in villages.”

“We will implement the recommendations of Sachar Committee (that studied the socio-economic educational status of Muslims in India) and give employment. We will set up a medical college and create employment opportunities,” he promised the voters of Mewat.

“These elections are for the formation of the government at the Centre. You must all support the Congress or else BJP’s Advaniji will emerge stronger.”