Oct 5, 2009

Ambala Hindus resist Islamic Tablighi domination, stop mosque on Hindu lands, oppose sexual molestation of Hindu women by Jihadis

Ambala; 29 September 2009

The Hindus are valiantly resisting Islamic Jihad in their village of Thakur Pura. The Muslims of the same village are threatening the innocent people and sexually harass the Hindu women to make them realize the Islamic fear.

The sole purpose of these highly intolerable activities is to make Hindus understand the presence of Islam in this village and to make new Mosque at the same place where there is a temple right now.

These Muslims goons roam around in isolated places in groups. Sometime they go to the small bus stand and misbehave with the Hindu women.

After creating their much needed fear among Hindus, on July 22, Muslims of this village invited "Tablighee Jamaat" (a hardcore anti-India Islamic group, responsible for many Hindu lives) to outline the mosque and set its direction. So there would be new mosque in this village. However after being successful in their pursuit, Muslims did not stop harassing Hindus of this village.

After suffering so much pain and agony, the people of Thakur Pura village have started to defend themselves and others form this new Islamic Jihad within their own village. But all the time these Muslims (minorities) gets the upper hand in terms of law.

One day, Shouqat Ali (village Thakur Pura) came at the bus stand of Thakur Pura along with some other Muslims of a nearby village and they all started harassing an innocent Hindu girl of the same village, who was waiting at the bus stop. One boy of that village intervened, which led to a fight in which this Hindu boy was brutally beaten. During this, few villagers came from a different bus and lost their temper and beat these Muslims to stray them away.

To politicize this issue, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM) led by Abdul Rashid Agwan, convener of AIMMM’s Delhi state unit and comprised of Irfan Ahmad Khan, State Incharge (Haryana) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind; Mahtab Alam coordinator of the Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR); and Nadim Ahmad of The Milli Gazette visited Ambala. The team left New Delhi early morning for Ambala reaching Jagadhari around 11AM, where it met Maulana Shakil Ahmad Nadwi, teacher of Madrasa Ma’had Rashidul Islamia and local correspondent of Rashriya Sahara Urdu daily, who even modified this issue in favor of Muslims and published in the national Urdu daily.

They took the pictures of those Muslims goons and interviewed them which they posted on the website "TwoCircles.net". They totally changed the whole story and showed that the real culprits are Hindus and not Muslims.

However, the Hindus of Ambala are adamant that they will not tolerate this Jihad against them and there will not be any Mosque in their village.