Oct 8, 2009

Mewati mullah meets his 72 houris and 28 gilmans; Celebrity son takes Afghan wife (after Hindu wife)

New Delhi, August 19:

Maulana Jamil Ahmed Illyasi, a Muslim leader and president of All India Organisation of Imams (AIOI), died at a city hospital tonight after a brief illness, his family said.

The 76-year-old religious leader breathed his last at AIIMS where he was admitted after he developed an infection in his right leg. The end came at around 10:30 pm.

Illyasi is survived by 8 children - five sons, including popular TV personality Suhaib Illyasi, and three daughters.

The maulana, whose family belongs to Mewat in Haryana, was the chief of AIOI, and he had represented around five lakh imams across the country.

Maulana was fond of teaching Quran and preaching of Islamic principles to the youth and people from all walks of life.


Fall Of A False Hero

"New revelations expose crime-buster Suhaib Illyasi's sham"

For a self-styled crusader determined to root out crime and criminals from society, it was nothing short of a great fall.

Ilyasi and Anju were both students at the Mass Communication Research Centre at Delhi's Jamia Millia when love blossomed. Their families were as different as could be: Anju's father was head of the metallurgy department at IIT Kanpur and a visiting professor at several foreign universities. Ilyasi is the son of Maulana Jameel Ilyasi, who calls himself the president of the All-India Imams Organisation, and for whom home is a mosque on a traffic roundabout in central Delhi. Though the abode looks modest from the outside, as real estate goes it is invaluable. Despite stiff resistance from both families, Anju and Ilyasi married in London in 1993, where they stayed until October 1994.

Differences between the couple cropped up almost as soon as they returned to India. To start with, Anju refused to stay in Ilyasi's house. Things went from bad to worse, and within six months Anju was back in London, where her brother was working at the time. "Before she came to London, I got a letter from my mother saying that their marriage was on the rocks," says Prashant. "Anju was even contemplating divorce, but I persuaded her to give it another chance."

In April '96, Ilyasi too landed up in London. During his month-long stay, the couple appeared to reconcile and they returned to India. Their daughter Aaliya was born the next year.

But six days before Anju turned 30, she was dead. On Jan 10, 2000, Anju was shockingly found dead with several stab wounds - either a murder or suicide - in their apartment in east Delhi.

On February 15, Anju's elder sister Rashmi Singh -- the last person Anju spoke to before her death -- flew into Delhi from Ottawa, Canada. Exactly a month later, she filed a statement before the police, accusing Ilyasi of torturing her sister for dowry and charging him with driving Anju to commit suicide. "I have enough evidence to prove that Ilyasi should be booked under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code," said Rashmi, who runs a Montessori school in the Canadian city.

According to the police, the evidence produced by Rashmi and her mother, the real Suhaib is a total inversion of his popular crime-buster image. On the contrary, say the cops, he’s turned out to be like many of the crooks featured on his programme. Consider this: he obtained a fake degree from Jamia Millia Islamia on the basis of which he got a job in London. Once firmly ensconced in his job, Illyasi got a credit card and borrowed £8,000 to buy a BMW. Knowing full well that keeping two passports was illegal, Illyasi "deliberately" got two passports issued by altering his name and furnishing wrong information about his date of birth.

What’s really bad news for Illyasi is a personal diary and some letters written by Anju (his late Hindu wife) in which she detailed how Suhaib had tormented and tortured her. The police have booked Illyasi under sections 498(a), 304(b), 420, 468, 471 and 201 for destroying evidence. Apart from that, he’s also been booked under section 12 of the Passport Act of 1967. "At the moment we’re in the process of verifying the details furnished by Rashmi and Rukma Singh," S. Nithianandam, DCP (East Delhi), told Outlook.

"Diary tells Anju Ilyasi's story of anger, frustration"

Suhaib Iiyasi's late Hindu wife, Anju wrote down a diary before becoming a victim of Islam and it's torture. At several places, she had accused Suhaib of not giving her money to mee ther personal expenses while he apparently spent a lot of money on his own trips abroad.

She has mentioned instances when her sister Rashmi bought household items for her as her husband refused to shell out money. In fact, the interiors and fittings at their IFS flat were apparently financed by Rashmi.

In her diary, Anju blames Suhaib for harassing and torturing her every time she committed a mistake at home, when the food was not ready when he came home and when she questioned him when he came home late. ``He is always looking for an excuse to get angry on me,'' she once wrote.

There are instances where an angry Anju has unabashedly abused Suhaib. One such entry reads: ``Kamina....rakshas...uska sapna hai ki woh mujhe naukrani banake rakhe. Mein aise nahin hone dungee.'' (He thinks he can keep me like a servant in his house. I will not let it happen.)

At the time of her death, Anju left behind a 3-year old daughter called Aaliya.

After Anju's death, Suhaib Ilyasi married again - this time to a Afghan Muslim woman named Sumaya. Together, they are raising Anju's daughter Aaliya as a practising Muslim.

This is the real life story of an actual Hindu girl fall in the Islamic claws and unfortunately loosing everything she got, even her life too.