Oct 23, 2009

Explosives stockpiled in Jind Madrasah blow up prematurely, many innocent Hindu lives saved

20 October 2009

Jind, Haryana

Forensic experts have been called Tuesday to investigate a powerful bomb blast that took place at a Muslim Talibani madrassa complex in Haryana’s Jind city, an official said.

A heavy bomb blast rocked the building of Madarsa Isha’t -ul- Uloom in the city around 10 pm today. The incident took place late Monday night in Jind, located 200 km from state capital Chandigarh. The Madrasa is located on the campus of Idgah in the meat market along the Hansi branch canal.


The blast site inside the Madrasa
The blast led to the collapse of a wall of the ‘Madrassa’ (Muslim religious school) at the Idgah shrine complex. No casualties were reported.

The blast occurred in the back of the Madarsa building. The intensity of the blast destroyed one hostel room and damaged several others including the administrative office of the madrasa. There are 65 Taliban-trainee students and 6 Jihadi instructors in this madrassa with 10 rooms. The Madarsa starts brainwashing children from an early age by indoctrinating them with the Quran. These children are mostly Hindu orphans or poor street-children who are lured to the Madarsa by free food and shelter.

 Future Mullah Omars in the making

Maulana Naushad Ahmad, Nazim-e- Talimat (Education Director) of Madarsa Isha’t -ul- Uloom said, “The blast was so heavy that it felt like an earthquake. It impact was felt in around two kilometers.”

Since the explosives had been stored in a back room far away from where his "Taliban-in-training" students were preparing to beseech Allah (for the success of their mission to convert India into an Islamic country), there was no death or injury to anyone. The explosives may have detonated accidentally due to a chemical reaction or due to a careless cigarette butt being tossed away by the Madrassah teachers.

DC Mohammad Shayeen, who rushed to the spot along with senior district officials, remarked, “An explosion has damaged a portion of the mosque, but no one has been injured. The motive behind the explosion remains unclear and we are still investigating whether it was a deliberate act or caused by some accident.”

A ridiculous and dangerous whitewashing of Jihadi terrorism is happening with official connivance. The local administration and police are trying to hush up the case by claiming that the massive explosion was due to leakage of gas in a septic tank.

Though police officials say explosion in a septic tank in the building of the madrasa could have been the cause, the theory appears full of holes. Even the maulvi of the masjid, Deen Mohammed, sheepishly admits that an explosion in the septic tank of the building is not possible as the tank has not been in use since about three years when it was filled with earth and a room constructed on it.

“The residents of the building have been using another septic tank and there has been no problem with it,” the Talibani maulvi confessed to mediapersons who visited the site

The impact of the blast was so severe that it ripped apart the floor of the room and broke the wooden panels and doors. A cycle kept in the gallery was thrown 70 feet away. The explosion was so powerful that it was heard at far off places in Jind town.

Local Jind residents have previously complained of explosives and arms being stockpiled in the fortified madrassa-cum-mosque complex, with strangers entering and leaving the mosque at night-time. Now their worst fears have come true but the administration still refuses to heed their concerns for safety.

This time, thanks to providence, many innocent Hindu lives were saved. Will their luck run out the next time?