Oct 24, 2009

Six Muslim Jihadis win Haryana Assembly elections; Results show increased Islamic power over Haryana’s future

HW Correspondent, Chandigarh, Oct 23, 2009

The name Haryana means "The Abode of God" from the Sanskrit words: Hari (God) and Ayana (Home).

But the recently concluded Haryana Assembly
elections show how divided and clueless Hindus are, and how united their enemies are in turning our land into a hell-on-earth.

While Hindus were bickering amongst themselves over ego, caste and gotra, the Muslims worked stealthily to get an unprecedented number of notorious Jihadis elected from the amongst 90 assembly constituencies in Haryana.

For the first time in Haryana’s electoral history, a total of 6 Muslim fundamentalists have won from the Hindu holy land of Haryana.

1. (Jagadhri) Akram Khan - BSP

2. (Punahana) Mohammed Ilyas - INLD

3. (Ferozepur Jhirka) Naseem Ahmed - INLD

4. (Nuh) Aftab Ahmed – Congress

5. (Hathin) Jaleb Khan - Independent (extending “unconditional support” to the Congress)

6. (Pundri) Sultan - Independent (extending “unconditional support” to the Congress)

Through these MLAs, Muslims are able to exercise their influence and push their interests on all these major political parties. These parties have shown that they are readily willing to sleep with the enemy. All Hary
anvis must remember this insult and teach them a lesson in the future.

These elections demonstrate the increased Islamic clout over Haryana’s future. During 1000 years of valiant Hindu-Sikh resistance against the Muslim invaders, our ancestors made sure that not an inch of Haryana land was lost to the occupiers. After India’s independence, we have forgotten the threat perception and become complacent during the past few decades. Today, we find that Muslims are well-entrenched in two districts: where the Islamic population constitutes 66% (Mewat) and 40% (Gurgaon) of the districts’ p
opulation. The Muslim population’s numbers are also rising silently in other districts of Haryana – just like cancer spreads silently in our body without any warning.

Hindus must unite – across caste and gotra lines – and fight together to protect Haryana, our land, our heritage, our women – all of whom are rapidly falling prey to the Muslim fundamentalists. We have only another 20-30 years to reverse this trend or become a violent Talibani land like Afghanistan, Kashmir and West Punjab (in Pakistan) - which were all Hindu lands until recently.

Hindus must not think of themselves as only Jats, Brahmins, Banias, Ahirs (Yadavs), Gurjars, Khatris, Aroras, Sainis, Rajputs, Rors, Balmikis, Ravidasis, Telis, Sunars, Lohars, Dhobis, Nais or further sub-castes and gotras or as Arya Samajis, Sikhs or any other sampraday.

Hindus must think, act and unite as Hindus. That is the only solution.

We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.

Think Big. Start Small. Act Now.