Oct 29, 2009

Over 5 Lakh Muslims lay siege to Gurgaon-Delhi expressway (NH-8), and scream "Allah is the ONLY God"

The well-planned "occupation" of the expresswa
y was carried out at the Rajiv Chowk area in Gurgaon) under the pretext of Eid.

This forcible namaz is now being planned as a regular nuisance every Friday until Haryanvis rise up to put an end to this ungodly menace.

Now, an Idgah has sprung up at the same Rajiv Chowk area (Gurgaon) close to NH-8 and has become the local den of anti-national activities.

Over 5 Lakh jihadis will demonstrate their strength every week by forcibly doing namaz on the expressway and service lane
s - blocking traffic and trying to intimidate Hindus to stay away from this area. Are you ready to foil their evil plans?

- Excerpts from an article by V Sundaram (IAS, Retd.) below:

Last month (September 21, 2009) more than
Five Lakh Muslims "occupied" the National Highway 8 between New Delhi and Gurgaon in a planned and methodical manner and offered their Eid prayers with supreme contempt for the regular users of this busy National thoroughfare. Many innocent citizens who could not avoid using that NH 8 on that day to reach their respective places of destination felt unduly harassed and persecuted by this exercise of "minority rights" by the Muslims.

Click on this photograph above to see the actual size of the mob on NH-8.

This reminds me of a mammoth Islamic meeting addressed by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the and the destroyer of United India, one month before the Direct Action Day in Calcutta in July/August 1946. His main aim on that occasion was to terrorize the Hindus of India into meek submission and acceptance of his Two-Nation Theory which resulted in the birth of Pakistan on August 14, 1947. Thanks to the pseudo-secular policy followed by Pundit Nehru and his Congress successors in Office, the Muslims of India today have been able to gain a blanket unfettered political license to blatantly deny the sacred and time-honoured fundamental religious rights of the majority Hindus in their own homeland today. Today the Muslims in India are flexing their political muscles with uncontrolled fervour to intimidate the peace-loving Hindus of India using the unrequited political support of the Congress government, which derives its transitory political sanction from its commitment to minority vote-bank politics.

All the Hindus of India have now come to understand that the Muslims and Christians are the most favoured children of the Government of India. John Dayal is a known Hindu-baiter in India. When he defended the rights of Muslims to lay siege to the National Highway 8 on the specious plea of saying EID Namaz, Sri R. K Ohri I.P.S (retd) and Secretary General, Patriots Forum
in New Delhi gave him a fitting rejoinder in this manner: "Please tell me is it possible suddenly, improptu, for lakhs of Namazis to suddenly converge at a particular point to lay seige to NH-8 on the plea of saying Eid Namaz? You know very well that such large numbers of Muslims (according to Indian Express there were 5 lakhs of them) do not, repeat DO NOT, live in the villages adjacent to that particular spot on NH-8. Still you are trying to defend something totally indefensible. Your flimsy excuse that Muslim demand for an Idgah might have been denied is again a typical "John-type" argument. Was any demand for Idgah in that area ever made, was it refused at all? No, never. Yet you must keep on telling lies ad infinitum. This "show of force" was a very well organised event to showcase the rising crescendo of jihadi footfalls across India and their booming clout in the ruling political dispensation!

At this rate a day might come, in not-too-distant future, when Namazis will lay seige to all major roads leading to most metropolitan cities. That might as well coincide with the launching of a diabolical war by Pakistan based jihad outfits. Please stop befooling Hindus and let them wake up to the growing threat of India emerging as a global battleground of clash of civilization. That might happen around 2020, or latest by 2030."